President & Chairman
of the Board of Directors

At a time when the Palestinian cause is facing fiercer challenges than ever before, both in Palestine and here in the United States, the role of the Institute for Palestine Studies, and especially the work done by IPS-USA, is more vital than ever.

For over fifty-seven years, the Institute has been committed to cogent, fact-based analysis; stress on history, culture, and literature; and a dogged commitment to establishing the reality of the situation in Palestine. This is particularly vital today in the face of the propaganda, fake news, and outrageous claims that opponents of Palestinian rights and freedom propagate.

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An exceptionally large number of Arab artists responded to the appeal from the Institute for Palestine Studies. They heeded the call from Cairo, Beirut, Baghdad, Amman, Damascus, Manama, Dubai, and Jerusalem (Palestine’s occupied capital), as well as from Haifa, Ramallah, Gaza, Geneva, Berlin, Paris, New York, and Washington. The reaction was especially significant since it was the second such appeal in the span of three years. Still, the artists responded with alacrity, donating their artistic creations to sustain a cultural event to take place in Washington. They did so in support of Palestine, Palestinians, and the Palestinian cause; and they did so in demonstration of the fact that Palestine has friends and supporters the world over.

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2019, Digital Image, Manipulated by Hand, 30x30 cm, Ed of 5 + AP


2019, 2 Panels Plexiglass, 100x100 cm each, Ed 1/12 + 2 AP


2007, Acrylic on Canvas, 100x80 cm


2006, Monotype Print on Paper, 35x30 cm


Keyword: Palestine II is a project spanning capitals and continents. It is the culmination of over a year of work by friends of the Institute for Palestine Studies (IPS) around the world, not least the staff in Beirut, Ramallah, and Washington, who went above and beyond in every way to bring the project to fruition.

Keyword: Palestine II is more than indebted to the Middle East Institute (MEI), specifically to Paul Salem and Kate Seelye, thanks to whose efforts and support the exhibit found a home.

Keyword: Palestine II has been graced by the unstinting generosity of Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi, the founder of Barjeel Art Foundation.

The exhibit would not have been possible, of course, without all the artists who donated work to benefit IPS and whose names appear in the pages that follow.

We must also thank the following generous contributors for donations from their private collections: Rula Alami in Beirut, George Al Ama in Bethlehem, Maliha Tabari of Tabari Artspace and Nadine Khoury of the online Palestinian art platform Nasij, both in Dubai, Samar Martha of Gallery One in Ramallah, Tania Tamari Nasir, and Rana Masri.

Special thanks also go to Houreya Elsayed for taking care of shipping and logistics in Cairo, and to Aissa Deebi for his generous and helpful advice.


Our grateful thanks to Ala Jaradat and Ziad Yousef HajAli in Ramallah, and to Hiba Abou Ghaida, Bassam Hindawi, Darleen Atmeh, and ZiAlaad Maarouf in Beirut who spent days and weeks collecting, securing, and shipping the artwork.

The Institute wishes to acknowledge the Washing staff for their hard work. We are particularly indebted to Stephen Bennett and Sebastian Bernburg for their ceaseless work sorting, organizing, and receiving shipments; getting artwork framed; and scouring Washington for venues before Keyword: Palestine II found its home at MEI. We would also like to thank Paul Perry for coordinating art shipments, Laura Albast for promoting the event, and Maia Tabet and Emily Smith for their editorial contributions.

We are enormously grateful to Maya Chami, who has accompanied this project since its inception and oversaw the production of this beautiful catalog.

The catalog would not have seen the light of day without the ministrations of Maggie N. Smith, of IPS-USA, who reviewed, edited, and proofread every word between its covers.

Finally, many thanks to Arcan Ventures for putting together the exhibition website.

Rashid I. Khalidi, President & Chairman of the Board of Directors, IPS-USA

Khaled Farraj, Director General – Beirut, IPS-Beirut